Marco Rubio: Conservative Coverboy

National Review, a serious political journal of wingnuttery, which has recently featured Carrie Prejean and a Buddha-fied Sonia Sotomayor with the words "Wise Latina" on its cover has chosen Marco Rubio as its next coverboy. 

Why don't they proclaim Rubio the "Wise Latino"? I guess because they make only sorta-racist covers when they write about those on the left. 

The Orlando Sentinel's political blog has an excerpt. It declares Charlie Crist is "one of the most liberal politicians in the Republican firmament," and it's one of those misinformed fantasy pieces about how the 2010  Republican Senate primary is a battle for the heart and soul of the national party and not, you know, Florida Republicans picking which candidate they think best reflects their values and has the skills and relevant experience to do a decent job in D.C. 

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