Marco Rubio Bashes Barack Obama in CPAC Video Address

When Sen. Marco Rubio announced he'd be sitting out the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, it gave the impression that he was trying to distance himself, for now at least, from certain elements of the right wing. Well, Rubio actually did make an appearance at CPAC today, though through a video address. In his four-minute video Rubio bashes Barack Obama's vision for America while glorifying Ronald Reagan's America.

Rubio delivered the key note address at last year's CPAC and was greeted like a rock star. Many saw it as a watershed moment in his campaign.

"At this time last year I was an underdog," Rubio acknowledged today, "but CPAC believed in me, so many of you believed in me, just the invitation to speak alone instantly gave me credibility, and in many respects was one of the real launching points for our campaign."

He wasted no time, though, in celebrating the recent date which would have marked the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, or, as Rubio calls him, "in my mind, perhaps the greatest leader in modern American history."

Then Rubio directs some barbs at Barack Obama and the leadership in the Senate.

"Unfortunately this country today is being run by an administration that does not have a fundamental understanding of what it is that makes America great."

He continued on a similar theme: "Sadly the majority leadership in both the Senate and in the White House don't understand what it is that makes our economy grow, and sometimes through their actions lead us to believe they don't understand how important it is for America to remain vibrant and strong, but CPAC understands."

Rubio closed out the video by promising to make an appearance at next year's CPAC.

You can view video of the full address at CPAC's website, but unfortunately registration is required.

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