Marc Sarnoff Slammed by Keith Olbermann for Homeless Feeding Ban

Marc Sarnoff's plan to make the Magic City's homeless folks feel a bit more like rodents got the big national airing it deserves last night: a prime place on Keith Olbermann's "Worst People in the World" segment.

Olbermann slams the City of Miami commissioner's proposed $300 fine for "unauthorized" feeding of homeless people. "Here's a question [to] the Miami Downtown Development Authority, which apparently believes Les Miserables was some sort of instruction manual: Can we feed them to the homeless?" Olbermann asks.

Ouch! Click through for video.

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Under Sarnoff's proposal, groups that want to feed the homeless in downtown Miami would have to undergo training in food safety, although in an interview with Miami Today, Sarnoff sounds a bit more concerned about sidewalk cleanliness than food purity.

"We've begun the process to fix the sidewalks, but so long as there are people defecating and peeing on the streets, it's not going to do any good," Sarnoff said.

We've called Sarnoff for comment about his MSBNC starring role last night but haven't heard back yet.

Big thanks to Miami for Change for first linking to the video.

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