Man Wrote Over $100K in Bad Checks to Miami Heat for Luxury Seats

Man Wrote Over $100K in Bad Checks to Miami Heat for Luxury Seats

The Miami ecosystem is so awash in con men and two-bit pretenders that not even the Miami Heat are immune.

Ibes Gomez appeared to be a big baller during the Heat's 2012 playoff run. He sat in seats in a luxury box for five games, including three during the Finals. The total price he owed to the Heat: $113,963. So he wrote them some checks ... and those checks bounced.

According to the Miami Herald, he's now charged for ripping off the team and is in jail awaiting trial.

Gomez owned a company named Logicare Corp. His lawyer claims that an investor failing to come through is what caused the checks to bounce, but Gomez has a history of writing bad checks. He also face charges for writing $8,400 in bad checks to two local tire business, and wrote a $1,050 bad check to the Miami Dolphins to score tickets to a game against the patriots.

He had been previously placed on probation for writing a string of bad checks in 2008.

You'd think perhaps the Heat might do a little more research on a guy before accepting checks form him that totaled in the six figures.

Then again, this isn't the first time the team has been swindled by a con man in recent times. Haider Zafar dreaded three players on the team out of a combined $7.5 million after being introduced to the them by team execs.

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