Man Lured Underage Girl He Met on VampireFreaks.com to Miami for Sex

After pleading guilty to possession of child porn, a judge allowed Nelson Carrizo to spend one last holiday season at home before heading to the big house. It's a pretty common practice for nonviolent criminals who strike plea deals, but Carrizo spent his final months of freedom trolling around on VampireFreaks.com and arranging to meet an underage Palm Beach girl for sex in Miami.

Carrizo, 30, had pleaded guilty to the charges of possessing 63 explicit images of underage girls in October and was scheduled to turn himself in after the New Year to complete a three-year prison sentence. A psychological evaluation determined he wouldn't be a threat to the community in the meantime.

Apparently his access to the Internet remained uninhibited during that time, and he got busy on VampireFreaks.com, which bills itself as "the web's largest community for gothic-industrial culture." Carrizo went by the name "Sylince" and listed his occupation as "sinner" (in actuality, he had worked as a security guard).

According to the Miami Herald, Carrizo soon began increasing his contact with a 16-year-old Palm Beach County girl he had meet on the site, unbeknownst to authorities.

The girl was found in a gym trying to slash her wrists with her fingernails. Police later discovered that the girl's parents had found sexually explicit messages and photos on her phone. Those messages turned out to be from Carrizo.

The girl told cops she had started talking to Carrizo online in June 2012, and both knew each other's real ages. At the time, Carrizo had already been charged in the child-porn case. In December, Carrizo began trying to persuade the girl to meet him in Miami. She borrowed her mother's car, and in early January, just days before Carrizo was scheduled to turn himself in, twice drove down and had sex with Carrizo. She snuck into the Surfside apartment Carrizo shared with his mother while the mother was asleep on the couch.

Carrizo then turned himself in on the original charges days later on January 9.

Prosecutors are now asking that Carrizo's three-year sentence be upped to 50 years behind bars.

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