Man Arrested In Keys For Racing 116 MPH Had Fake ID In Name Of "Chaotic Huang"

If you're a foreign national looking to have a good time in Florida, stay out of trouble, and avoid possible deportation, here are three easy rules to follow.

1) Don't borrow someone's flashy, $200,000 Mercedes
2) Don't street race said Mercedes at 116 miles per hour
3) And for god's sake, don't hand over an ID with the absurdly fake name of "Chaotic Huang."

Zhihao Yang, a 20 Chinese citizen, broke all these rules last week in Boca Chica. The man who would be Chaotic Huang was quietly handcuffed and arrested.

The sad Fast & Furious sequel began when Monroe County Sheriff's Office Deputy Greg Korzen spotted Yang's Mercedes racing a suped-up Honda Civic on March 13. The cars were traveling 116 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone.

When Korzen stopped the two cars near mile marker 5 on U.S. 1, Yang handed over an ID made not by the DMV but by the "International Automobile Driver's Co."

The name on the fake ID was something straight out of Double Dragon circa 1990: "Chaotic Huang." He also had a credit card in the same name, according to local news site

The Mercedes had been rented in someone else's name for $1,000 a day. Yang/Huang was arrested on misdemeanor charges of unlawful racing and driving without a valid license.

Far worse for the Indiana resident, he also faces one felony count for claiming to be Chaotic Huang.

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