Man Arrested at MIA For Riding Baggage Carousel To the Other Side

Ever since you've been a little kid you know that you've wanted to get on the baggage carousel at the airport and ride it. You know you especially wanted to go through to the other side and find out what was back there. Well, 40-year-old Bradley Ray Bromelow did just that yesterday at Miami International Airpot. He was arrested. In retrospect, it was probably not worth getting to live out a childhood fantasy. 

Bromelow, of Alpharettaville, Ga, apparently decided to hop on the baggage-go-round and pulled out a video camera to tape the reaction of his friends. Maybe he wanted to be a YouTube superstar, but if he thought it through he'd probably have realized he'd actually need to be taping himself. 

Obviously, there wasn't a lot of thinking going on. Bromelow went through to the other side of the carousel, which is a secure area. He was promptly arrested for trespassing. He bailed out of jail earlier this morning, and the TSA is determining whether to charge him with a fine. 

Here, for reference, is a man pulling off a successful baggage carousel viral video. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder