Majority of Floridians Support Legalized Pot, but 83 Percent Say They Wouldn't Use It (Yeah, Right)

A narrow majority of Floridians now say they're open to totally legalizing recreational marijuana in the state, but the vast majority of them say they wouldn't use it. 

According to Quinnipiac, 51 percent say they're open to adults legally possessing a small amount of marijuana, while 45 percent say they oppose it. That's not nearly enough to pass an amendment bringing Colorado-style pot laws to the state just yet, but it does show that lowering the punishment for pot possession may be a winning proposition throughout the state. Miami-Dade and other South Florida counties have recently started ticketing people for having small amounts of pot instead arresting them. 

Eighty-seven percent also say they support legalization of medicinal marijuana in the state, providing hope that such an amendment might actually pass in 2016. 

However, when it actually comes to smoking pot, most say they wouldn't. 

Just seven percent say they would definitely use pot if it was legalized for recreational use in Florida. Nine percent say they would "probably" use it, which, let's be real, means they would definitely use it. 

Eighty-three percent say they probably or definitely wouldn't use it. That includes 18 percent in the "probably wouldn't use" segment. 

Which almost certainly means that that 18 percent would end up at a party one time where this scene plays out: "Oh, Sharon, you're so wild. Marijuana? I couldn't possibly! I haven't touched that stuff since college, and I didn't even like it then ... Well, I suppose the kids are staying at Nana's tonight ... Are you sure half a cookie isn't going to do that much to me? ... Well, we did take an Uber ... Mark! Mark! Where's Mark? Oh my God, someone just find my husband. I wanna go home and watch the Wizard of Oz like so bad right now." 

Sixty-five percent say they would definitely not use it at all. 

Then again, those numbers do jibe with data from 2014 that showed about 6.65 percent of Floridians admitted to smoking pot in the last month. Plus there's a significant age gap in response. Thirty-five percent of those 18 to 34 said they would definitely or probably end up using legalized marijuana. 

Naturally, support for legalized marijuana also differs among age groups. Sixty-five percent of those 18 to 34 are for it, whereas only 39 percent of those 65 and up support it. 

A majority of both black and white voters support legalizing marijuana, whereas just 35 percent of Hispanics do. In fact, while more whites and blacks were open to the idea of using legalized pot, 74 percent of Hispanics said they definitely would not use it, compared to 63 percent of whites and 66 percent of blacks.
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Kyle Munzenrieder