Magic City Kitty - M.C. Quickie 04:32:58

4:32 A.M.

One of my best friends just called and asked me if I would sleep with her and her girlfriend - tonight. I’m a guy, so the only real problem with me doing this is that I could quite possibly lose a good friend after all the liquor wears off. A part of me is saying to do it, but the other says no. They’re on their way here from some Aqua Girl party. Help?

♥♥♥ Just sit tight. Your bff and her girlfriend are in the car right now, discussing the same shit that we are. If they’re still into it by the time they get to your house, you’re golden. If not, act as if nothing happened and hope that you’re first on their list the next time they’re in the mood for a little dickie.

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