Magic City Kitty: I Don't Care That She Has a Penis

Hello, Kitty: I'm a lesbian dating a woman who was born with both male and female parts. I learned about her "situation" after we'd been dating for two months. I'm not angry or upset -- I'm falling in love with her. She says that she loves me too, but she doesn't show it. She's always mean to me, calling me names and saying that I'm bisexual because she has a penis and I'm interested in sexing her. And she's right. I am, but only because it's her. I don't see her as a man. What do I do? Should I stay or go? She's just really evil to me. She says that she only says those things because she gets mad. I believe she means what she says. Please help Kitty, I'm so confused.

Tue Ferone

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