Magic City Kitty: Does Fantasizing About Girls Make Me a Lesbian?

Hello, Kitty: I've always been a pretty frequent masturbator, and ever since I first used a massager as a vibrator, I've been doing it even more. Though the sensation alone can get me off, I climax much more quickly if I imagine that some hot girl is giving me oral. It's usually a celebrity, sometimes a girl I know, or someone I imagine -- but always a female. At first, I had this fantasy only when I was alone, but now even when my boyfriend is actually down there, I still imagine "she" is doing it. I'm worried he'd be hurt if he found out, and I'm even more worried that for the rest of my life I'll have to do this in order to get off. What I'm not worried about is whether I'm a lesbian. It's clear to me that I am. Should I pursue it? Help!

Kynda Lez

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