Magic City Kitty - Bi-Guy For the Night!

Hello, Kitty

A few nights ago I was hanging out with my girl and this new guy she’s dating when my amiga went to the kitchen to refill our drinks, and he started flirting with me. He was telling me how sexy my arms are, what a pretty smile I had and all, until my friend came back in and he went back to acting like I wasn’t there. I figured that I must have been imagining things, but the entire night I kept feeling as if he was staring at me. The night rolled on and my bff said that she was tired and wanted to leave (we were all at my house) – so her guy popped up and said he would take her, but asked me if he could come back since we were both still wide awake and there was plenty more beer. I agreed with him and said he was welcome back – but I didn’t really think he would come. Sure enough, 30 minutes later he was pounding on my door. This time he threw himself at me, making it very clear what he wanted – and it wasn’t another beer. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. He told me he would beat my ass if I told my friend what happened and I don’t want that but I do think she has a right to know - I’m a gay man, and I feel like she should know that she’s dating one too. Should I tell her that we had sex? Help!

Mr. Metoo

Hi, Mr. Metoo

Yes, yes, yes – since you two are like the Hialeah Will and Grace, you’d better tell her that her man is playing both sides. It would be great if I could say that she’ll still be your friend afterward, but she may not be. Confessing sins is great for the soul, but it can wreck relationships. So yeah Metoo, let her know what you did but be prepared to lose a friend about halfway between "So he came back over...," "He was kissing me on my back," and "I screamed like Minnie Ripperton." Telling the truth won't be as fun as doing the do, but what did you think would happen after your girl's date had you (or you had him) bent over your coffee table? If you and your friends have worked out a system where you test out their dudes' gay-fliction and then your reward is to “have” them, cool. But if not, stop fucking their boys. Stop flirting and allowing them to come back over to your house for more beer, Mr. Metoo. Maybe something inside of you makes you want to have what the girls have, and taking these studs to your pasture is a thrill, but do that to your semi-girls.

Be it the ones you work with or the ones you see at the club – just don't do this to your main friends. Not the ones that you debate Beyonce vs Mariah vs Janet with for hours. Not the ones who’ve seen you at 6 a.m. looking like 10 p.m. the night before more times than you can count. And definitely NOT the ones that trust you enough to leave you alone with their man – even for a minute. These girls trust you, so tell the truth and hope that this guy wasn’t too special to her.

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