Lynn Dannheisser, Surfside Town Attorney, Compares Bloggers Critical of Her to the KKK

Surfside town attorney Lynn Dannheisser has been on a bit of a multi-media rampage recently. In March, we wrote that Dannheisser, who makes more than $177,000 a year, successfully recommended her boyfriend, Gerald Houlihan, for additional legal representation for the town. Blogs Save Surfside and Who Controls Surfside Florida? had also written about the issue.

On Saturday, Dannheisser published an op-ed in The Miami Herald, taking a vague stab at "anonymous" "cyber-terrorists" and "pseudo-journalists [who] blog without the facts."

She was more specific in a 20-minute speech at a Surfside Commission meeting on Tuesday, in which she blasted the Surfside blogs and the "Miami Due Times" (0:47 in first video) by name.. Choice quote (2:33):

With a click of a 'send' button, these cyber-bullies throw proverbial rocks through your window and burn crosses on your lawn for no other reason than they can, and they want to incite unrest.

Elizabeth Perez-Bankes, editor and main writer for Save Surfside, replied to Dannheisser in the comments section of her Herald op-ed:

1) We're not "anonymous". All our names have always been listed in the "About" section of the website.

2) We're not "Pseudo-journalists". I have many years of experience as a journalist. I was a network correspondent for ABC News, a legal affairs reporter (I'm also a graduate of Harvard Law School) for Telemundo, and a Brussels-based "European Union" reporter for a PBS program. All our posts are thoroughly researched. I am sorry Ms. Dannheisser does not enjoy them.

Enjoy these videos-- uploaded by some "cyber-swaggerer"-- of Dannheisser's outburst. It will be the best twenty minutes you spend today.

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