Luxury Hand Sanitizer: For When You Need to be Chic and Swine Flu-Free

Hand sanitizer is a must-have this spring, because the CDC is reporting the gel might be one of the best first-line defenses against swine flu. Eye on Miami reports that local Walgreens are quickly running out of the product, but we know there's a certain segment of the Miami populace that would never dream of squirting something from a 99-cent plastic drugstore bottle onto their delicate hands. Even if it's a life-or-death situation.

That's why we went on the hunt for luxury hand sanitizer, and we found the leader in the market is made by Frais, an Australian maker of luxury skin goods. The company describes its product thusly: "An elegant mélange of eight natural Australian-blended essential oils conjures uplifting thoughts and leaves hands pleasantly moisturized. The 66 percent high-grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Frais contains only nontoxic ingredients sourced from plants."

Luxurious and eco-friendly! Perfect. Somene get it stocked ASAP in the vending machine at the Mondrian

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