Lunch Break: An Anthology of Babies Dancing to Salsa Music

So, baby, you think you can dance salsa? I mean, let's be honest, when it comes to the Latin dance arts some of us are just born with it and some of us are just hopeless. So, really what's a better use of your time than watching babies dance salsa on YouTube?

7 out of 10. I feel like this baby probably puts a lot of dedication into his training and is generally respected by his peers, but this baby's moves are too considered. Too clinical. You need to let your passion shine through baby. I worry that if this baby got the chance to land the lead in the big production of his salsa baby company he'd probably have a general break down until he crippled his mother, fantasized about killing his understudy, and morphed into a giant salsa dancing chicken during the big performance.

9 out of 10. You've got natural moves you just can't teach, but I'm worried that your heart just isn't in it.

1/10. Baby, you are so white. That's not even Salsa music, ok, that's Cherry Popping Dadies. Baby, just get off my stage, you disgust me.

8 out of 10. Clearly you have more enthusiasm than all the other babies here, but can your enthusiasm carry you through this competition when your style is so wildly unorthodox? I think that's something you need to go home and think about.

10 out 10. Hold on as a wipe the tears from my eyes, because I honestly just feel honored to have witnessed that.

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Kyle Munzenrieder