Luis Garcia Pulls out of David Rivera Race, and Now Dems Have No Candidate

Rep. David Rivera is one of the most vulnerable Republican congressman in the entire country. He's under numerous criminal investigations, and his seat in District 25 is quickly seeing its Republican voter advantage fade. It could be a slam dunk for Democrats, assuming, of course, they had anyone to run.

They don't at the moment because challenger Luis Garcia has pulled out of the race over bad blood with the national party. Instead he'll run for Miami-Dade County Commission. So who's going to challenge a weakened Rivera? No one really knows. Good job, Democrats!

Garcia had been recruited quite early by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to run for the seat, but claimed he never got the support he needed and was dissed by none other than DNC Chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He was also pissed that the DCCC was apparently trying to recruit Former Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas into the race behind his back.

So, ol' Norman Braman came along and convinced him instead to run against Miami-Dade Commissioner Bruno Barreiro. Now, Garcia, the former Miami-Beach Fire Chief and state representative is out. According to Naked Politcs, Garcia may just leave the Democratic party altogether after the fiasco. Miami-Dade politics aren't party affiliated anyway.

There are still rumblings that Penelas could jump into the race, but as of last Friday, when rumors of Garcia's departure emerged, he remains unsure.

"I'm enjoying my time at home, and the thought of getting on a plane and being away from home three or four times a week..." Penelas told the Herald. "Even if Luis doesn't run, I'd still have to get on that plane Monday morning."

Good job Democratic Party! Way to go guys! You had a candidate but you pissed him off so much he's leaving the party. Your backup doesn't even want to go to D.C. Political blundering at its finest. Then again, this is the same party that basically rolled over from the start of the 2010 Senate race, and somehow managed to lose the Governor's race that same year to Rick Scott.

Perhaps they'll lean back on Joe Garcia once again. He's a good guy, but a good guy who lost in the district in 2008 and 2010. Or maybe they'll find a new, exciting, innovative way to somehow continue to fuck this race up.

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