Lucie Tondreau, North Miami Mayor, to Be Charged With Mortgage Fraud

It's not North Miami if the mayor isn't involved in some sort of scandal.

According to the Miami Herald, North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau is set to be charged by the FBI with mortgage fraud. Tondreau had previously been investigated for connections to alleged absentee-ballot fraud but had so far escaped charges on that.

The Herald reports FBI agents knocked on Tondreau's door early this morning, but the mayor wasn't home. She might be out of town.

The specifics of the case are not known, but records will be unsealed later today when some of Tondreau's codefendants appear in court.

Tondreau, elected last June as North Miami's first female Haitian mayor, was previously under scrutiny when her private business office was raided in connection with 60 unlawful absentee-ballot requests submitted online. Tondreau denied any wrongdoing and said she would cooperate with that investigation. Nacivre Charles, Tondreau's campaign treasurer, was subsequently arrested.

Tondreau won office after Andre Pierre, despite several investigations and scandals, avoided charges and completed two terms as mayor.

Tondreau beat another previous North Miami mayor, Kevin Burns, in last year's election.

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