Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp No Longer Has Mustache or Sense of What He's Supposed to Be Doing as Lieutenant Governor

Besides the monumentally important task of sitting around and waiting for the Governor to die, the Lt. Governor of Florida has very few duties actually spelled out by law. Usually the Lt. Gov and Gov work closely, but ever since Charlie Crist announced that he was running as an independent for Senate, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp (a conservative Republican who was picked to balance the more moderate Crist) says that he's been virtually locked out of the Gov's office.

What's even more shocking is that since the last time we checked in with ol' Kottkamp (which was when he was involved in a scandal for excessively billing the state for air travel for his family) he's shaved off his glorious, trademark mustache! With out that flashy lip hair we barely know who Kottkamp is anymore ...actually we hardly knew who he was to begin with.

"He's my friend," Kottkamp said of Crist according to the Buzz. "But I don't see him very often."

"I stick to my responsibilities. I stick to them and make sure I keep doing my job," he continued.

Crist had appointed Kottkamp as chairman of Space Florida and as head of the Governor's Office of Adoption and Child Protection and the Governor's Office of Drug Control. Besides that he has very little contact with the Governor's office at this point. He says his role is "far less" than what it was before Crist jumped from the GOP.

Has anyone looked into the possibility that Crist just doesn't recognize who Kottkamp is anymore since he ditched the 'stache?

He is however running for Attorney General, and stays busy campaigning for a job that has actual responsibility.

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