Looks Like Amar'e Stoudemire Might Not Be Coming to Miami ...Yet, But Boozer May

With the NBA trade deadline less than an hour away, it seems that Phoenix Sun star Amar'e Stoudemire will not be making a mid-season move to Miami. Our brethren at the Phoenix New Times report that any Stoudemire trade is "unlikely." The Heat had become the late leading candidate to land the player, but got cold feet when it seemed like they would have to give up Michael Beasley to make any trade.

We all know that Dwyane Wade enters free agency this summer and is less likely to stick around unless the Heat acquire the services of another superstar. So the team may put off its hopes of landing the Florida-born Forward until then. It also keeps those less and less likely wet dreams of yours involving LeBron James in red and black alive.

CBS Sports reports that the trade deadline may not pass for the Heat without some major moves. There's apparently owner-level talks going on between Miami and the Utah Jazz that would bring Carlos Boozer to Miami. He spends his off-seasons in town, and has made no secrets in the past of his desire to be traded here.

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