Local Politician Has This One Really Good Joke She Needs To Tell You

I know this is a little bit out of our coverage range, especially now that we have The Juice, but please forgive me, because I can't pass this up. 

Broward County Mayor Stacy Ritter is involved in a bit of a scandal. As a state representative, she voted for legislation that benefited a fraudulent viatical company that employed her husband, spent $100,000 to refurbish her home, and lent her a boat. 

New Times Broward-Palm Beach columnist Bob Norman has emerged as her most vocal critique, and Ritter has come up with this real humdinger of a joke that she just needs to tell anyone who will listen multiple times. 

"New Times is good for two things: wrapping fish and finding a good penis enlarger. So I'm not worried about New Times," is what she said on WFTL today. 

Which, according to a Naked Politics, is exactly what she told The Miami Herald earlier in the week: "About the Broward-Palm Beach New Times: 'it's only good for wrapping fish in' or looking for a 'penis enlarger or a male escort.'"

Oh, yeah, well, umm, Ritter, the only thing you're good for is wrapping fish in or being a reliable place to find a penis enlarger or male escort. Hurts? Doesn't it?

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