Little Havana Fake Dentist Arrested Again After Another Botched, Bloody Surgery

After Angel Nolasco was arrested on charges of practicing dentistry without a license in 2011, you'd figure he'd take the hint and pack up his probes and retractors for good. Sure, the charges were eventually dropped, but that didn't mean he was free to keep on pulling teeth. 

Turns out not only did the 81-year-old Nolasco get back into the practice of back-alley dentistry, but he also brought his son into it. Both ended up arrested this week for running an illegal dentistry practice in the back of a Little Havana office. 

The details of the story this time are eerily similar to the those of the 2011 incident. 

The victim tells police she visited Nolasco in April 2015 at a building located at 2540 NW Seventh St. that advertised itself as a "dental laboratory" but was functioning as a full-scale dentist's office. 

Nolasco performed a series of serious dental procedures while his son, 40-year-old Andres Nolasco, assisted. The woman wanted dentures, and the fake doc also performed a root canal. The pair then sent the patient home with pain pills and antibiotics. 

The victim, however, began feeling woozy days after the procedure and started bleeding from her mouth. She went back to the Nolascos, but their only solution was to send her home with more medicine. 

Finally, the woman went to Jackson Memorial Hospital and was diagnosed with a serious dental infection. The hospital was able to treat her. 

Police were tipped off about Nolasco's back-alley surgeries, but this isn't the first time he has crossed their path. 

The 2011 case was the same situation: A patient thought it was a legit clinic, and Nolasco performed surgery and sent her home with drugs. Days later, however, the patient's mouth refused to stop bleeding, and she was sent to Jackson to recover. 

At the time, Nolasco admitted he wasn't properly licensed in the United States but claimed he was licensed in Cuba and Venezuela. It's unclear why, but those charges were dropped. 

Now Nolasco and his son face a pair of felony charges for practicing medicine without a license. The elder Nolasco is being held on $12,500 bond, and the son has a bond of $10,000. 

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