Question #1: If you're a former gentlemen's club dancer and current lingerie football player do you really get all that upset when an ex-boyfriend posts nudie pictures of you on MySpace? Question #2: If you make your living as a sexual assault speaker, why are you posting nudie pix of your ex?

Lingerie Football Player Taking Ex to Court Over Nudie Pics

We just knew this Lingerie Football League was going to be interesting, and they haven't even played a regular season game yet. 24 year-old Melissa Berry (that's her in the modest swimsuit) used to be a striper at Thee Dollhouse (a few secondary sources state it's Miami's Thee Dollhouse, but there's a similarly named club in Tampa), and is now a linebacker for the Tampa Breeze (rivals of course of o

ur own Miami Caliente

). Her ex-boyfriend, 45 year-old Mark Dawson, claims to be an expert in healthy relationships and prevention of sexual assault.

Berry claims she took intimate photos on his cellphone for him, but then he posted those photos online and is now suing Dawson for more than $15,000.

She also claims that Dawson threatened to make the photos public after she refused to pay $500 to replace a cellphone she had broken. 

Not sure if she'll get her $15k, but the publicity is priceless. 

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