Lingerie Football League Kicks Off Tonight with Miami Caliente vs Chicago Bliss

After last year's Lingerie Bowl was

canceled when the nudist resort

that was hosting it wanted to allow spectators to be

au natural

, the Lingerie Football League is back for its first full season. Tonight at 8pm your Miami Caliente will take on the Chicago Bliss in the Windy City. The Caliente won't be playing a home game until November, so anyone who wants to see the ladies in action

can stream the game online

, for a fee of course. 

This time around, though, the LFL wants to be taken seriously, well somewhat, as a real athletics league. None other than Mike Ditka has taken an equity stake in the league. And former ESPN analyist Sean Salsibury and Chicago Bulls play-by-play man Tom Dore will form the announcing team. 

Even the Miami Caliente has earned the respect of the Miami Fury, the city's other, less-naked women's football team after recruiting two of their players. 

"It is more athletic, a little more serious than I originally thought," Fury co-owner Gayla Harrington t

old Reuters


The Caliente will only be playing four games this year, with home games scheduled at the Bank Atlantic center on November 13 and January 22. 

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