Lingerie Football Brawl: Miami Caliente Game Ends in Fisticuffs

We can debate the merits of the Lingerie Football league all we want, but there's no question that the competition is real. This Friday's game between the Miami Caliente and the Tampa Bay Breeze erupted in straight up fisticuffs. Wait, with the Dolphins stuck in permanent suck and the Hurricanes swagger days long gone, does this mean the Caliente are now the most "Miami" football team in town?

The Caliente (in Dolphins-like colors) and the Breeze (in red colors) met in St. Pete this weekend as both Florida teams were hoping to make the playoffs. The Breeze pulled off the win, dropping the Caliente to 2-2 for the season, and started celebrating. Apparently, one of the Miami girls wasn't going to stand for that, and got in one of the Tampa girl's face.

That's when the brawl broke out. Watch for yourself.

Maybe the Caliente can drop by Sun Life Stadium sometime and show those other teams what real football passion looks like.

Yes, we're aware this could have been some pre-planned stunt to generate interest in the league, but these girls went down for real. Plus, if it was a stunt, you'd think there would be better video.

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