Lingerie Bowl Cancelled: Things Got A Lil' Too Naked

So, Tampa residents succeeded in running the Lingerie Bowl out of town because it was too risque for their, apparently, puritanical town. Then the Sporting Spectacle found refuge at a nudist resort in Pasco County, but in a weird twist, the nudists are a little too wild for the Lingerie Bowl.

Apparently, the Caliente Resort wanted to allow spectators to view the game in the nude, which  players and the company behind it weren't too comfortable with. From the St. Pete Times:

"The league will not place our fans, players, staff nor partners in a

less-then-comfortable environment that would ultimately jeopardize the

mainstream perception and reputation of the brand that so many have

worked diligently over these past five years to build," the league's

Stephon McMillen said.

So, now the entire Lingerie Bowl is off. Would be fans of the Miami Caliente (no relation to the resort), will now have to wait until the debut of the Lingerie Football League next fall at the Bank Atlantic Center.

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