Like a Good Miami Girl, MiamiNewTimes.com Will Get a Face-lift Monday

Everybody knows that in order to stay on top in Miami, you always have to look your best. And let's face it, MiamiNewTimes.com was looking a little weathered -- even Botox wasn't helping anymore. So it's time to take more drastic measures: MiamiNewTimes.com is going under the knife, so to speak, and coming out a new girl this Monday, March 22.

Let's see some before and after shots:



Ain't she pretty? If you want to familiarize yourself with our new look and figure out where everything is before then, check out our sister paper SF Weekly, whose layout is similar to the one coming Monday. Clickity-click-click!

We also want to know what you think of the new look once it's rolled out. Email us if you love it, hate it, or even if you find any weird bugs -- we want to hear all about it.

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