Liberty City Elementary School Custodian Arrested For Plans to Prostitute 14-Year-Old Girl

Samuel Woodside, a custodian at Liberty City Elementary School, was arrested after allegedly making plans to transport a 14-year-old girl he met online from Louisiana to work as a prostitute in South Florida. That 14-year-old girl turned out to be an undercover cop.

However, a parent at the school says Woodside should have been terminated from his job at the elementary school long ago after he made inappropriate comments to her young daughter.

Woodside began chatting with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl this summer online. Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent Bob Breedan tells WSVN that Woodside intended to make the girl work as a prostitute in Miami, and purchased a bus pass to transport her from Louisiana to South Florida. Instead, the girl turned out to be an undercover agent, and Woodside was popped by the FDLE.

At least one parent says that Woodside had a history of inappropriate behavior around young girls at his job at Liberty City Elementary School.

Jacqueline Eafford says that last year when her 12-year-old daughter was a 5th grader at the school, Woodside would stare at her and make creepy comments.

"He just came to the table where I was eating and said, 'Do you remember me?' And I was like, 'No.' And then a couple of days later he told me, 'Don't you know that you're so fine?'" the 12-year-old told WSVN. "And I didn't say anything, and that's when he kept watching me around the cafeteria, and then one day, I was in lunch, and he said, 'I want you,' and I just walked off and he said, 'Did you hear me?'"

The girl reported the unwanted attention to the school, but the Miami-Dade School Board says and investigation was conducted in December and no probable cause was found.

Fast forward nine months, and it turns out that Mr. Woodside was arrested for transporting a minor across state lines to work as a prostitute.

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