Letters from the issue of May 19, 2011

Wild, Wild West

Sick agenda: U.S. Rep. Allen West should stick with the military ("Allen West, Uncut," Lisa Rab, May 12). Getting rid of Medicare and social security is not an option. It is unacceptable to give the banks and unions a bailout and reward them for bad practices. Their reward is stolen from seniors and children. How sick can you get?


Here's a socialist: Anyone can objectively look at this quote from Allen West and see an enemy of the people, anywhere, anyplace: "I don't know why we have people arbitrarily deciding who is rich or who is poor. That's a very socialist perspective." Allen West, let me get all socialist on you: You are rich, the corporations that contribute to your campaigns are rich, the people you give tax cuts to are rich. The people you represent, the people who are your "constituents," are mostly poor, and you are trying to cut their social services, their ability to get health care, and their rights to privacy and free speech. You constantly preach division along the lines of race, gender, and association to keep them powerless, and every day you and your fellow politicians wage war against them. Where you see something that is "arbitrary," honest people see a system mouthpieced by liars like you to protect cold-blooded murder and robbery.


Patriot act: Representative West was fined $5,000 for firing a weapon into a barrel of water that frightened an Iraqi who was trying to kill Colonel West's American soldiers, but President Obama is lauded for putting a bullet into the head of bin Laden? I applaud the actions of both men.

Robert Stuart

Hoodwinked: After reading the whole piece, I can see why people are complaining about the Tea Party being co-opted by neocons and their fear-mongering. Lisa Rab cannot be any more naive.


Media slant: I see that a man of character who is principled, honest, and has a backbone doesn't sit well with the liberal media. You will not get away with demeaning, belittling, character assassination, and lies like you did with Sarah Palin. We might have been blasé in our response to your lies about Sarah Palin, but we don't need to be hit twice. You won't get away with it this time around.

Kathi Mcdermott

Final note: It is interesting that a massive amount of footnotes was placed at the end of the interview/article, yet Representative West does not have an opportunity to defend his positions. It is a sneaky and less than honest way to set him up for failure, thus discrediting him. This is poor journalism.

Voice of Reason

Hearing is believing: I heard this man and was very impressed by his ideas and beliefs. He is a true American.


City Ball

Smart: It's about time someone came up with new options to create jobs and revenue ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, May 12). Medical marijuana is a great idea. Let's take these profits away from the criminals and tax it to increase county revenues. Opening casinos is a good idea as well. We are a tourist city, and that's what we need to attract visitors. It's time to take politics out of the hands of these corrupt and closed-minded politicians. Uncle Luke, I'll be voting for you. Just keep your promises.


No, Luke: Although I like you, I have to disagree with your idea that casinos, pot, and fun will save Miami's economy. Yes, they will generate money for the cities and state; however, they would lead those who live here down the road to tragedy. I beg you, don't do it. Find alternative solutions. Keep the everyday people in mind.

Ms. Leace

Hope addicts: Gambling addiction is just another way to take money from the poor and helpless. You think all the broke black brothers need another way to waste their money? And I'm black!

Miami Native

Scum city: Sad thing is that Luther Campbell is serious. If we can't provide a quality U.S. city, then let's give up. Legalize drugs, child porn, prostitution, sodomy, and gambling. Then, when only the scum of the Earth come around, we can rethink.


Tops in the Nation

Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse has won the Sigma Delta Chi award for best columns in a nondaily publication. The work cited by the judges from the Society of Professional Journalists includes a three-part series about a United Nations guard from Miami Gardens named Louis Maxwell, who was mysteriously killed in Afghanistan, as well as individual pieces about accused terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and faulty school construction.

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