Legislators Looking to Beef Up Protections Against Dating Violence

For most of us, our psycho-ex's biggest offenses are sending locks of their hair in the mail, leaving 20 minutes long voice mails with self-penned poetry, or posting Photoshop manipulations of what our kids might look like on our Facebook walls long after we've broken up. Unfortunately though many have to deal with physical threats and on-going stalking and abuse. There are provision's in Florida's laws, but State Legislators from the Tampa Bay area are looking to increase those legal provisions, and make them equal to similar laws concerning domestic violence.

Currently, court orders mandating threatening ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends to stay 500 feet from a victim's home, place of employment, and school or 100 feet from their car cannot be enforced. The proposed legislation is looking to change that. The offender would also be required to give up firearms and ammunition if ordered by the court.

While the couple in question was married, this weekend's tragic murder-suicide in Miami is a sobering reminder of how far love can devolve into a violent obsession.

[Tampa Tribune: Officials Aim To Protect Daters]

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