LeBron's Last-Second Drive Gives Miami 97-96 Win Over Orlando, 16th Straight Victory

Down 96-95 with 12.3 seconds left, LeBron James took the ball with the weight of Miami's win streak on his shoulders. And 12.3 seconds later, the Heat had a 97-96 win -- their 16th in a row. Phewwww.

James last-second drive and layup not only saved Miami's winning streak but also saved them from what surely would have been the ugliest loss of the season -- a game they at one point led 60-40 in the third quarter. But then Orlando finished out the third on a 34-17 run, and the rest of the game was a battle right up until LeBron took it strong to the bucket for the final score.

LeBron finished with 26, and Wade with 24. The duo started out flashing their customary "Flying Death Machine" swagger, scoring 30 points in a high-flying second quarter that included plenty of the usual Sports Center filler. Things looked to be going according to plan -- win 16 seemed all but academic. Then something Magical happened.


The stupid Orlando Magic wouldn't go away. Nikola Vucevic had 25 points and 21 rebounds. Something named Tobias Harris turned into an NBA JAM character. These are things that happened on the way to the Heat being down late in the fourth quarter Wednesday -- things that can be described only as MAGIC. Magic is a DICK. The night the Heat wore its EL HEAT jerseys, it seemed as if the guys had an EL PROBLEMO.

Then this happened:

Thank you, sweet baby "talents to South Beach" Jesus.

A new Miami Heat tradition has formed after wins -- THE VIDEO BOMB! While one player is being interviewed, another will come into frame and totally screw the entire thing up. It's pretty immature -- which makes it awesome as tits. It's just another way this team is proving to everyone it's possible to have fun and collect asses at the same time.

Looking for their 17th straight, the Heat will take on the 76ers at home Friday night. That's just an appetizer for the real showdown Sunday against the always-annoying-as-shit Indiana Pacers. Miami can basically wrap up the number one seed in the East if it tacks onto this steak an extra few games, the next three being all against East teams (PHI, IND, ATL).

So yeah, the Miami Heat is a thing that is good. The end.

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