LeBron Scores 38, Heat Edge Hawks in OT 120-119

The Heat sure do know how to turn a random Monday night game against the Hawks into some serious entertainment.

LeBron James had 38 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in the Heat's 120-119 overtime, surprisingly eventful, Monday night win. With the victory, the Heat sweep their five-game homestand, and head out to Los Angeles for a Christmas Day game against the team formally known as the Lakers.

Ray Allen had 19 in the win, including two that came on a reverse side winding dunk that took you back to his Seattle SuperSonics days. Allen started the game while Dwyane Wade sat out the game with a new injury that has flared up (married, day-to-day).

It wouldn't be a Heat game without some Mario Chalmers moments, and last night didn't disappoint. Chalmers had more turnovers (5) than assists (4), his man Jeff Teague had 26, 8, and 6, and there were numerous times where LeBron nearly had to write on a piece of paper "It's me, LeBron James," before he passed him the ball. I love Mario Chalmers, but I love him like I love a friend's kid. When he's being REALLY BAD, I want him to go away. Chalmers gonna Chalmers, I guess. /shrug

Lets seeeee, lets seeeeeeeee, what else? Oh yeah! LeBron killed someone again! It was gross!

OK, now that we covered that, onto more newsworthy topics.

The video footage was instantly erased from the internet by the NBA, but not before I was able to save this grainy, big foot footage of the play to my laptop.

The Hawks had a chance to win it with just over two seconds left, down just one. New coach Guy McExSpursBenchCoach (may not be his real name) drew up a gem, the alley-oop to Kyle Korver off the out-of-bounds pass. I mean, Hawks so hard, Hawks.

Predictably, this attempt at disproving science and genetics proved futile, as Kyle Korver ended up darfing the ball off his own face, barely saving his awesome half-goth-half-Bieber hair.

Just when you thought it was Hawks to swim in the Hawks again, the Hawks went and Hawks so hard. Really disappointing, we all thought they had turned the corner.

Next up, Lakers beatdown on Christmas. Burn the boats.

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