LeBron James Wore a Pharrell Hat, Then Destroyed the Knicks

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon. Just another dominating performance by LeBron James. Just another Knicks loss. Like they say, all totally predictably awesome things come in threes.

This past Sunday, LeBron James continued to put the shorthanded Heat on his back by scoring 38 points, along with five rebounds and six assists, in a 102-91 New York Knicks playoffs-hopes-crushing Miami Heat win. And he did it hours after wearing quite a ridiculous hat!

On Sunday, some history was made. Not by the Heat or by LeBron's headwear, but rather the Knicks "LOL Cannon" J.R. Smith. Smith set an NBA record for most threes taken in a game, chucking up 22 "eff it" treys, making ten of them. Smith also passed Ray Allen for the most threes made in three consecutive games with 24. After the game, even J.R. Smith's own team couldn't believe how hard J.R. Smith went full JR Smith.

Carmelo Anthony, nursing a sore shoulder, was a nonfactor all game long, finishing with 4-17 for 13 points.

At one point, the Knicks decided covering LeBron wasn't working so well, so screw it all. To their credit, it didn't exactly work out worse than trying, just pretty much the same, so kudos to them for conserving energy. Very green of them.

Later in the game, the Knicks took the opposite approach, trying really hard to stop LeBron. That didn't work either. Instead, LeBron took their effort, wrapped it around his torso, laughed at its pathetic grip, relieved himself of its constraints, and scored anyway. Resistance is futile, Knicks. Your effortless approach was far less gruesome.

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