LeBron James' Terrifying Mask Destroyed the Knicks and the Internet Last Night

Sometimes games don't live up to the hype. This was not one of those instances.

After LeBron James broke his nose last week against the Oklahoma City Thunder, it was pretty much expected that LeBron would be stuck with an ugly face mask for the foreseeable future.

Not exactly. Turns out LeBron James is even the LeBron James of breaking his nose. The mask LeBron pulled out last night was anything but ugly. In fact, it frickin' oozed super hero badassery. James debuted a carbon fiber black Batman-Zorro-looking-holy-crap-I-want-one-but-Halloween-is-so-far-away mask against the Knicks last night, and it was everything.

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James finished with 31 points on 13-19 shooting, and the Heat spanked the Knicks 108-92. They spanked that Knicks ass so silly that TNT changed the game with 10 minutes left -- for Wizards-Raptors. That's how you know it was bad, because literally nobody cares about Wizards-Raptors games.

Enough about the game, though, back to the mask. The mask was the star of the game. The mask itself had a better game than Amare' Stoudemire. LeBron's mask had it's own Twitter account right after tip. You get the point, the mask was a big deal.

Photoshops were coming in hot and heavy all night on social media. The image of LeBron in a superhero looking mask was the meme-photo shop alley-oop of the year, and the Internet crushed it.

If you missed it, don't worry, we got you covered.

Wait, that last one's not LeBron. DAMN YOU BOSH! BLOG BOMBED!

790 The Ticket's Brendan Tobin is the LeBron James of sports radio producers, and put together this epic LeBron James Dark Knight montage.

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