LeBron James Scored 61 Points Last Night and Heat Fans Broke Twitter

Just when you thought it was safe to watch a random Monday night Heat versus the Bobcats game, LeBron explodes for 61 points, punting you, naked and riding a unicorn, directly into the sun.

Dammit LeBron, my wife is gonna kill me. She loves unicorns.

You know you had a good game when the highlight video is eligible for the Oscar for Best Short Film. After the jump is every point LeBron James scored last night. If you're watching this at work you may want to open an incognito window and tilt the computer screen away from your coworkers, because it's straight retina sex.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the wickedly talented LeBrell Jazine.

The 61 points breaks a Miami Heat franchise record for points scored in a game (previously held by Glen Rice with 56), as well as James's personal record for points scored (also 56). Also broken in this game: Twitter. Again. Twitter elves keep rebuilding that crap back up, then LeBron walks in and flicks it back down like like a newly rebuilt Jenga.

Oh, side note, the Heat won 124-107.

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