LeBron James Receives Racist Twitter Message

Yesterday on his Twitter feed, LeBron James re-tweeted criticism from some, let's call them "disgruntled," fans. He then proclaimed the day as Hater Day, telling the twitterverse that the haters need their two minutes of fame too. The tweets were your typical everyday re-hashed LeBron affronts. People calling him a "fraud" or a "bitch" and generally hoping he sticks his head under a car for some reason. It was a like a fun tweetup party! Then LeBron re-tweeted a rather despicable racially charged message from someone. Nothing kills a party like some dickbrained racist jackass.

(The offending message after the jump.)

Last month, James told CNN that race has played a factor over all the backlash he's received after his ill-advised The Decision aired on ESPN. But, pretty much like everything else LeBron says or does nowadays, those comments were met with even more backlash. Charles Barkley said LeBron's race comments were "stupid." The former NBA All-Star described it like watching a movie. "Just when you think it couldn't get any stupider, it gets more stupid," Barkley said, probably right before he gambled and lost another $40000 in a Vegas casino.

Some people might say that LeBron brought this upon himself with his "Haters Day" tweet. But we're guessing this is not the first time he's received a twitter message like this one.

This is the second time in two months a high-profile local athlete has had to deal with a racially charged message from a random troglodytic fan. Last month UM quarterback Jacory Harris received a racist Twitter message from someone after the Canes lost to Ohio State.

The Internet is a lovely place. You can use it for stock quotes and porn. You can also use it to anonymously insult other people with vile racial slurs. Hooray, Internet! For their part, Twitter responded immediately and shut down the offender's account. A better response would have been for them to have shoved a railroad spike dipped in syphilis up that guy's rectal cavity. That's just one suggestion.

Cue the LeBron Haterz in the comments! In 3...2...1...

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Chris Joseph