LeBron James Immortalized in Giant Foam Sculpture, Dwyane Wade is Next

​The Miami Heat's "Big Three" just got even bigger. A Miami Beach entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to build 18-foot foam sculptures out of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh -- complete with tattoos and "I'm-about-to-dunk-in-your-face" expressions. A monstrous LeBron is already complete.

"We did this as Heat fans, almost as a spoof," says David Goldfarb, head of PrimeTime Amusements. "We don't really know where it's going to go yet."

Goldfarb recently returned from Angola -- where PrimeTime Amusements is building an entertainment center -- and found himself with a couple of weeks to fill. So, like any good Heat fan, he decided to construct a gigantic foam ode to his favorite player.

He and his crew carved a giant block of foam into LeBron's likeness, then began painting on the details. Slowly, a Godzilla-like James emerged, ready to smash a super-sized rock in Dirk Nowitzki's puny face.

"We weren't asked to build this," Goldfarb says. "We're not looking to make money on these." That said, he estimates that each statue could sell for as much as $50,000.Instead, Goldfarb now hopes to place the ferocious, foamy trio in the AAA -- if he can persuade the Heat. He's also contacted LeBron's charity, Boys and Girls Club of America, to see if they are interested in accepting the paean to Miami's best player.

The sculptures are light, with the base accounting for most of their 225 pounds. Each one takes two to three weeks to finish, Goldfarb says.

Work has already begun on a humongous replica of D-Wade's head. Goldfarb hopes to have him ready by the All Star Game on February 26. Poor Bosh is less of a priority.

"Unfortunately we couldn't get Chris Bosh in time," Goldfarb says. "We are making him next."

"This is a token of our honor for these guys," the businessman explains of his ersatz Big Three. "We just wanted to say: 'Best of luck. We are looking forward to this.'"

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