LeBron James Hit the Insane, Fadeaway, Buzzer-Beating Three of the Year Last Night

LeBron left them a tenth of a second, such a gentleman.

Down two with under 10 seconds left, Coach Spoelstra opted not to call a timeout, but rather let the best player in the Universe attack the unprepared Golden State defense. It went well, it went real well. The buzzer beater capped off another MVP performance by LeBron, who finished with 36 points 13 rebounds, and nine assists, in the instant classic 111-110 Heat win over the Warriors. LeBron has been handing out L's like Oprah lately. Yoooooooou got a newwwwwww ELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

If you stayed up late to watch the game, LeBron rewarded you, he rewarded you so much. OHHHHHHH, was your face rewarded with happiness. If you went to bed, and you haven't seen how it went down last night, hold on to your entire balls, sex is inside, and it's NSFW.

Oh yeah, also, Chris Bosh almost died! Just when you think you've seen it all, a disco ball panel falls from the sky harder than Sandra Bullock and almost Final Destinations Chris Bosh's ass so hard. At first everyone thought it was a thrown beer bottle, then they remembered stadiums haven't been using glass beer bottles forever. You do have to admit, Chris Bosh dying from a disco ball related injury would be the most Chris Bosh thing ever though.

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