LeBron, Bosh, and Wade Should Reunite in Miami as Minority Owners of the Heat

Dwyane Wade is telling the Miami Heat that come April — when he retires and hangs up his sneakers and Miami Heat jersey for good — he'll be in the market to purchase a share of an NBA team. He is also letting the Heat know he'd like to join its ownership team.

The Miami Heat should listen and offer a share of the team at a good price. Not only that, this should be done before Wade stops playing. If it isn't, the Heat will regret it forever.

But that should be only the beginning.

Chris Bosh should also be offered a piece of the team — maybe even at his jersey retirement ceremony next month in Miami. Bosh would be an asset to the franchise as an owner.

Oh, and the moment LeBron James retires, the team should make a run at bringing him aboard, too. Not kidding.

Big Three reunion, ownership style. Did we just do that? Yes. We. Did.

Think big. They did it on the court; why not back up the team in retirement? Two of the three are ready and willing right now.

Before longtime Heat fans get their jerseys in a bunch, let this be clear: Micky Arison and his family should retain majority ownership of the franchise until they no longer want it. They've earned that. Arison turned the Heat into one of the premier franchises in sports. This is about forward-thinking that would provide the Heat with both a recruiting edge in free agency and a bridge to the NBA's future.

Pat Riley will be gone soon. Erik Spoelstra won't coach forever. The Heat will eventually need to reinvent itself. What better way than to lock up two of the historical Big 3 now as part of ownership?

The Heat is known for keeping its guys in-house once their playing days are over. Alonzo Mourning is already part of the organization, and Udonis Haslem is likely to follow when he retires. With Bosh warming up to a relationship with the team now that he's fully accepted retirement, and Wade openly saying he's interested in buying a share of the Heat, it would make sense to keep the pair close.

And LeBron? Why not?

Big Three reunion, ownership style. 
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