LeBron, Implants, Spankings and a Tea Party Tirade

If Riptide posts a blog, and no one comments on it, did it ever really get posted? Since Riptide would be nothing without them, here is a list, in no specific order, of this week's best mouth offs.

1. Dr. Paul Perito had a bone to pick with Riptide after returning from his penile-implant marathon in Australia. "Dis Gus Ted" was as harsh as the accused penis-destroyer.

I'm surprised that the outstanding urologist even gave you the time of day. "DisGusTed" that actual patients could be influenced by your irresponsible writing (far short of journalism). Your rag is sponsored by pain management clinics and you have the audacity to write an article about a REAL doctor? At least you are clever. You got "PENIS" and "BONE" in the headline! WOW; What will you write about next year when you get to the SIXTH Grade?!!

2. WSVN Reporter Derek Hayward was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving his wife, WSFL anchor Lisa Hayward. Was explicit Riptide reader "Jimmy Logozzo" to blame? 

Lisa will be doing porn soon. She has been seen with many different men around the nightclubs lately (I was one of them). She gave me a BJ and told me to spank her. She is pretty wild in bed. I guess Derek found out about us. 

3. Riptide reported that a man wearing a Lebron Heat jersey got thrown out of a Cleveland Indians game. "I want her" got heated. But not about the controversy.  

I want to have my way with this dudes girl....damn what i would do to her..all attention on him...i would of grabbed her bent her over pulled up that skirt and let her have it..and she would of loved it

4. Riptide questioned if promoting bicycles is eroding our freedom and the constitution. A passionate "Sarah," responded by saying, 

God bless people like Dan Maes who speak the TRUTH. We the People of the Tea Party are the only ones standing up to expose the fact that Obama is a marxist, communist, fascist, nazi, muslim, Kenyan extremist nazi who is a puppet of the New World Order trying to decimate the American population and install Sharia Islamic law on the USA! Everyone listen to Dan Maes and vote Republican in November as if your life depended on it. It just might!

Then "Anonymous" responded, 

sit your dumb ass down

5. When Matthew Bellamy, the guy who was thrown out of the Cleveland Indians game because of his Heat Jersey, told his side of the story, "Deanna Reinfrank" said, 

I don't care what anyone says, LeBron James is an American hero. He did what he thought best for the game. He didn't do it for himself.

This comment didn't exactly set will with "Mike in Seattle." He said, 

He did not do what he thought was "best for the game", you ignorant whore. It's actually BAD for the game. But you're easy, so...whatever.

Keep 'em coming readers. 

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Danielle Alvarez