LeBron Got Fouled So Hard on a Dunk to Win Game, and Refs Ignored It

Controversy! For the third time this season, the Brooklyn Nets beat the Miami Heat. Last night the Nets won by a single point, thus sweeping the season series four games to none.

But not without debate.

With the Heat trailing by one, Miami had one frantic last chance to pull out the win. Rashard Lewis found LeBron James under the basket as the clock neared zero. LeBron rose to the rim, and was promptly sent back by a dude with "Plums" on the back of his jersey. Game over. Huh?

In real time, the block looked like a clear foul, but replays showed there was so much more to it. As with anything, where your alliances lie plays a big factor in bang-bang plays like this one. My alliances clearly lie with the team from Miami, so I would point out LeBron was possibly fouled three times on the play. I would also point out if you don't agree, you should go read the Nets New Times, because I can't deal with your face right now.

If you're a Nets fan, you would most likely mention the super-duper-makes-sense-rumored-to-be-a-secret-like-the-secret-Starbucks-menu rule that states "the hand is part of the ball." Because any time I walk into a Walmart and pick up a basketball, a corpseless hand is attached to it. That would be highly illegal and Walmart's doors would be closed! So I know that's not the case! Judgment in favor of the plaintiff!

Anyway, don't take my word for it; have yourself a look-see and decide. Then, if you decide it's not a foul, never talk to me again, unfollow me on Twitter, and find someone else to help you move because you're dead to me. Plums! Crappy canal-ass-insides-looking fruit! I hate everything!

This will shock you, but Heat fans lost their ever-loving shit on Twitter after the non-call. It's one thing to lose to the Nets four times in a row, but to lose to the Nets four times while they are running around in these stupid nickname jerseys hitting off-balance threes all game is an entirely different animal.

Heat fans' patience bucket for the Nets and their Netsy ways is completely empty.

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