Least Powerful VP Since Quayle in Miami For Two Days

When Barack Obama announced Joe Biden as his running mate, America responded with a resounding, "oh, ok." He's an experience, competent guy, don't get us wrong. And by all accounts he made some serious contributions to getting the cabinet together, but it seems that Mr. Biden has returned the Vice Presidency to it's rightful role: being sent about the country to do, eh, not so much.

As we all know Dick Cheney pretty much single handedly ran the country for at least 7 of the past 8 year. Before that Al Gore was busy inventing the internet, and reducing government waste. All Biden does is head the White House Task Force on Working Families, which I suppose is better than heading the White House Task Force on Attacking Murphy Brown and addressing the anual meeting of the American Council of "Potatoe" Farmers. Sorry Dan Quayle.

So now Joe gets to do fun and exciting things like tour the Miami Intermodal Center, the fancy transit hub that's under construction, with Manny Diaz. Right now he's also busy addressing the AFL-CIO Executive Council in Miami Beach, and tomorrow will visit the Miami Police Department.

Basically his job is like one big elementary school field trip after the other. Next week he gets to visit a fire station and slide down the pole, and the week after he gets to go to the cafeteria to see how the lunch is made.

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