Lawmaker Wants to Ban Texting While Driving. Why Not Ban Everything but Driving While Driving?

State Rep. Doug Holder filed a bill today, for the third year in a row, to ban texting while driving in Florida. 

We have a few questions. If we're updating our Twitter status while driving, does that count? What about checking our email? Playing a game of solitaire? Can we take pictures on our camera phones as long as we don't immediately text them to someone? 

If we're running late and someone texts us "Where are you?" are we allowed to text back "be right there" while we're stopped at a red light?

What if a cop pulls us over for texting but we've actually got our iPhone hooked up to play on our speakers and were just changing the song? Should we hook up our non-phone iPod to avoid confusion? 

How about we just ban everything but driving while driving. Maybe make a few exceptions for listening to music, carrying on light conversation with passengers, and taking a few sips from our Big Gulp. 

Or what if, just maybe, we don't make laws for every little infraction and allow people to exercise common sense. Because I am pretty sure most people know not to text while behind the wheel. Not to say everyone who knows that doesn't occasionally do that. But even if there were a law, would any of that change? 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.