Latest Use for Twitter: Municipal Political Spats

Why is it that the middle-aged have embraced Twitter faster and more enthusiastically than most social networks that came before it? Maybe it's because it's so simple. Maybe it's because it requires so little time to update and touch base with contacts. Maybe it's because it syncs seamlessly with the iPhones and BlackBerries professionals already have in their possession. Maybe, because unlike MySpace or Facebook, it puts a premium on a more "mature" type of narcissism: reminding everyone how busy and interesting you are, instead of reminding everyone how pretty you are through pictures and how many friends you have through comments.

Whatever the reason, just because Twitter's users skew older doesn't mean they always use it in the most mature fashion.

The Miami Herald reports two candidates for a South Miami commission seat have engaged in something of a Twitter fight. Basically, it's the lamest thing ever.

Candidate Alec Rosen, AKA @alecjr, noticed his opponent, Rene Guim, AKA @RWGuim, blocked him on Twitter. So Rosen sent out a series of tweets broadcasting that fact and called Guim's action "un-cool."

We don't want to choose sides here, but Rosen follows @MiamiNewTimes on Twitter, and Guim does not, which is, indeed, uncool.

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Kyle Munzenrieder