Latest Florida Poll: Obama 50%, Romney 46%

Florida is once again shaping up to be the biggest battleground of the 2012 election, and many election prognosticators have pointed out it's would be nearly impossible for President Barack Obama to win Florida and still lose the general election. Though a poll in May showed Mitt Romney with a six point lead in the Sunshine State, two polls taken since then, including one released today, show Obama with a four-point lead.

That Quinnipiac poll released about three week ago, showed Romney in command, 47 to 41 percent. Just a day later, though, NBC News released a poll taken by Marist that showed him with a 48-to-44 point lead.

The latest poll by Public Policy Polling seems to echo that NBC poll. Obama now leads 50-46. That's a slight change from PPP's poll in mid-April that showed Obama leading 50-45.

According to the poll, Obama maintains leads among women (61-36), Hispanics (61-36), and voters under 30 (65-27). Romney has double digit leads among white and senior voters.

The poll also shows that Marco Rubio would not be a big help among Latinos if he was selected as Romney's running mate. Hispanics would only favor the a GOP ticket with Rubio 55-40, and his presence wouldn't be enough to tip the results toward Romney. (Rubio is also notably polarizing: 44 percent of Floridians view him favorably, while 40 percent view him unfavorably. Those aren't Rick Scott numbers, but they're also not the healthiest.)

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