Latest Elmo-gate Accuser Claims He Met Kevin Clash in Miami Beach

The ongoing sex scandal engulfing Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has finally found its way back to Miami.

A fourth accuser has come forward, and claims he met Clash in Miami Beach when he was just 16 or 17. The man, now 33 and only identified as "John Doe," claims that Clash then flew him up to New York where the two had a four day romp.

The latest lawsuit has been filed by on behalf of Doe by Aventura attorney Jeff Herman (who is also representing other accusers). Herman says that the boy was on Miami Beach looking for work sometime in '95 or '96 when he met Clash.

The puppeteer approached the boy, complemented his appearance, and became friendly enough with him to exchange phone numbers.

The two kept in touch by phone, and Clash eventually agreed to fly the boy up to New York for a stay.

We'll just copy/paste this part from the press release:

As arranged, JOHN flew from Miami to New York in early 1996 at KEVIN CLASH's expense. JOHN stayed for approximately four days in KEVIN CLASH's apartment. During his stay, KEVIN CLASH and JOHN had sexual contact on multiple occasions. These sexual acts included KEVIN CLASH penetrating JOHN's anus with his penis. KEVIN CLASH told JOHN he had difficulty penetrating JOHN due to a medical condition. On other occasions, KEVIN CLASH had JOHN perform oral sex on him and put his fingers in JOHN's anus.
The Herald talked to Herman, and the attorney says the client thought of the relationship as more of a paternal thing, and that Clash even used the word "Dad." The boy had been hesitant to fly to New York because he had been abused before.

Doe still lives in Miami-Dade but has not had a happy life. He's had problems with addiction, and had been arrested for theft.

"His life was really a mess," Herman told The Herald. "Hopefully, this will be a stepping stone for him to take back the power to heal."

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Kyle Munzenrieder