Latest Attack on Garcia Takes a Cue From McCain

One of the failings of the McCain campaign is that they've largely failed to create a strong dialogue down ticket Republicans can latch on to. Unless Congressional candidates wanted to play six degrees of William Ayers (Did you know Joe Garcia's mother's third cousin has a co-worker whose sister on the night of March 3rd, 1992 ate in the same restaurant as William Ayers - a terrorist! Joe Garcia - Dinning with terrorists! --See, It just doesn't work) they just couldn't look to the McCain camp for cues to the national Republican identity this cycle.

Until now. Either sensing that the Ayers tactics just aren't working, or wanting to preserve a little bit of his dignity McCain is now attacking Obama over his tax plan with the aid of Joe the Plumber and the phrase "socialist." The latest Republican National Congressional Committee ad attacking Mario Diaz-Balart's District 21 challenger Joe Garcia reflects that, starting with the question "Redistribute the Wealth?" then asks the question "Why does Joe Garcia want working families and seniors to pay more taxes?" and finishes "Don't Let Him Raise Your Taxes." Though, much like Obama, If Garcia is going to raise any taxes it's on the wealthy and large businesses. His website touts his plan to "fight for a $1,000 tax-cut for middle-class families" and "work to pass an emergency tax-cut to help small businesses."

But, you know what? It's good to see the Republicans returning to at least a sensible level of dirty politics, by touting the one advantage they always had, and one of the few they have this cycle: cutting taxes for rich folk.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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