"Last Time the Heat Won" Is the Top Trending Topic on Twitter

"Crygate" is slowly subsiding. The Internet is tiring of those jokes now, but it's not quite done with making fun of our Miami Heat. Right now, #LastTimeTheHeatWon is trending high on Twitter and holds down the number one spot here in Miami. Yes, the Heat has lost its last five games, and with such media scrutiny placed on the team, its last win does seem a lot farther away than February 25.

Here are a couple of our favorites from Twitter users:

  • AceMonkey28: #lasttimetheheatwon MC Hammer still had money.
  • Mc_Nickie: #lasttimetheheatwon @charliesheen was just a warlock in training.
  • Trendeh: #LastTimeTheHeatWon Drake was on Degrassi.
  • WisdomofJames: #lasttimetheheatwon Florida was still a Spanish colony. #histroylesson
  • AKALete1908: #LastTimeTheHeatWon people were blowing in their Nintendo to get it to work

Of course, we have to get in on the fun:

  • Lady Gaga could leave the house wearing T-shirts and jeans.
  • Winter Music Conference was relevant.
  • Carlos Alvarez was still a respected public official.
  • It was cool to wear pastel blazers.
  • Uggs were considered fashionable (sorry, Roman).
  • The Dolphins were considered Super Bowl contenders.
  • Rick Scott had hair.
  • Randy Shannon still had promise.
  • Jennifer Lopez had a hit movie.
  • It snowed in Miami.

Feel free to add your own in the comments or, naturally, on Twitter.

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