Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Geek in All of Us

We're not going to tell you to get your dad an iPad or the new iPhone because really, anyone can tell you that. We've poked and prodded, and come up with what we think are the most useful and most innovative tech gadgets your dad will enjoy this Father's Day, minus the pre-orders and long lines. Happy shopping!

For the dad who's always dropping his gadgets
Is your dad really clumsy? GelaSkins has him covered, with durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating for phones, iPods and MP3 players, gaming controllers, laptops, iPads and eReaders. Their motto is "Protection with style, not bulk," and not only do they protect your favorite gadget from bumps and bruises, they also come in photo-quality graphics. You can even add in your own photos and graphics, and make a custom GelaSkin. Prices start at $12.95 for a simple screen protector, with most GelaSkins costing less than $40.

For the dad who likes to build things
If when something breaks in the house, your dad is the first one to try and fix it, this one's for you. With Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery, dad can now learn to build both simple and complex devices that actually work. The best part about this paperback is that it makes building fun, and encourages burning things out and messing things up 'cause after all, "that's how you learn." It's available on Amazon for $23.09.

For the dad who travels with tech
We've all been there: You're waiting in line at the security checkpoint at the airport and have to remove every bit of tech goodness from your pockets and bag before removing your shoes and walking through the scanner. After you're done, you have to pack it all in nicely and quickly to make it to the plane in time. Well now thanks to SCOTTEVEST, your dad doesn't have to think about the airport headaches anymore. Prices start at $120 for the Essential Travel Jacket for Men, which comes with 19 pockets and three different colors to choose from.

For the dad whose gadgets are always running out of battery
If you find it virtually impossible to reach your dad on any given day because he's always forgetting to charge his phone, or he constantly complains that his gadget's battery never lasts, he needs Freeloader Solar. The advanced portable charging system can power any handheld device anywhere anytime by taking power from its built-in solar panels or a supplied charge cable that plugs into a computer's USB. Once charged, Freeloader's internal battery can power an iPod for 18 hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, a PSP for 2.5 hours and a PDA for 22 hours. Prices start at $59.99 for the Freeloader in Silver.

For the dad who loves his iPhone
Does your dad love his iPhone, but finds it hard sometimes to click in a hurry? Now he can do it with Ten One Design T1-AP25-102 Pogo Sketch Stylus for iPhone. Typing on the software keyboard is much easier with the stylus, which allows you to use your touchscreen device or multi-touch trackpad at a natural drawing angle. The pen has a high-gloss covered pocket clip to keep it handy and works with any combination of gloves and nails. The best part? It's only $8.50 on Amazon.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.