Lane Kiffin Still Plans to Make an Ass of Himself While Recruiting Florida Players

In the past 50 years, there have been only three private universities with football teams that matter: Notre Dame, USC, and, of course, Miami. Notre Dame has a rabid fan base and lots of history, USC has history too and benefits from the NFL's absence in L.A., and Miami pulled itself out of obscurity in the '80s by recruiting the cream of the crop of South Florida football talent. Of course, gone are the "State of South Florida" days when the Canes had practically built a wall around the tri-county area, but it sure doesn't help when USC's Lane Kiffin says he still has his eyes on the area. Especially considering last time he made such an ass of himself.

After he got into a very public spat with the Gators' Urban Mayer over recruit Nu'Keese Richardson in 2009 while Kiffin was coaching at Tennessee, he still visits Palm Beach County from time to time, he tells the Palm Beach Post.

"Very selectively, but we won't be down there as much as when we were at Tennessee. At Tennessee we needed to go down a lot more. But we will, from time to time, come down again," he told the paper.

We still have no idea what USC was thinking by offering Kiffin the coaching gig, but we thought one of the positive side effects would be that he stayed out of our back yard. Apparently not. [PBPost]

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Kyle Munzenrieder