I recently got hold of an (advance?) copy of the March Miami Monthly —in fact, it was lying on the floor of the Men's locker room at the Sports Club LA. I must say, I was shocked and chagrined.

Published by Mass Media Enterprises, which on its web site touts its "powerful circulation to the homes and businesses of the most affluent neighborhoods of Greater Miami," the 96 glossy pages read like some kind of city government stroke mag.

The issue opens with a lengthy apology from the publisher, Elena V. Carpenter, for having printed a letter complaining that most immigrants "extend[ing] their bad customs, intolerance and lack of culture and class [into the US]."

But perhaps more offensively, the rest of the letters section provided a soap box for Joe Arriola (letter entitled: "Don't Blame Me") and Marc Sarnoff (who vehemently denied a blog accusation that he had allowed approval of the Mercy Hospital condo project — a six acre re-zoning of waterfront property for development—in exchange for kickback money).

Commissioner Carlos Gimenez holds a column — this month rather innocuously plugging a hot air balloon race fundraiser for the developmentally disabled.

The feature article, entitled "The Greening of Miami —a Convenient Truth," provides a pulpit for rich developers and commissioners to happily pat themselves on the back for incorporating green building elements into new high-rises.

Can you believe Defede freelanced for this thing? --Calvin Godfrey

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.